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Jennifer McKenzie is an aspiring radio presenter, host of That Inner Voice podcast, spiritual life coach and published author. Jen joined the In2beats team September 2022. Music, dancing, writing and nature have always been my medicine since I was a kid, they are my go-to for stress relief and a mood boost. Nothing better than putting a dirty beat on loud and dancing like no-ones watching. I have been speaking, writing, creating content on my social media for the last 5yrs about holistic wellbeing, mental health, spirituality and providing support for my community. I speak openly about facing my own challenges to raise awareness for mental health and addiction recovery, I spoke on stage at the recent Wellbeing Expo in Bedford, been featured in The Metro, Authority Magazine, Chat, to name a few. I believe using the power of my voice to encourage others to speak up too and not suffer in silence. We are stronger together. Day to day I own and run Lunar Spirit Wellbeing LTD in Bedfordshire where myself and my team provide holistic therapy, coaching, courses and retreat days for your mind, body and soul. I’m a qualified spiritual life coach, anxiety therapist, meditation and breath-work facilitator, reiki teacher and have over 20yrs experience in the health and wellbeing sector. My passion is bringing people together through speaking, music, dancing, creating inclusive safe communities for us all to be seen and heard.

I started djing around the age of 15 inspired, by my mum's small collection of 80-90 pop music. I soon fell in love with trance but since then my music taste has changed and I now enjoy playing anything from garage to house to Dnb. From the age of 20, I was organising and hosted my own local shows under the name of supervision, where I gave local DJs an opportunity to DJ in front of a crowd. More recently 2 friends and I used to stream live every Thursday on Facebook, a show we called KitchenFm as it was from our kitchen flat, it wasn’t a massive hit but we did a respectable 4000 views on the hour slot most Thursdays we went live.

hi all im dj fIshy bin playing music for over 20 ODD years.. i play any thing from reggae to jungle .. .rnb to house .. dance to club and any thing inbeteen ...

John Warehand fell in love with dance music during a holiday to Ibiza in the Summer of 1989; Lil Louis's French Kiss being his defining track of that time. In the mid-90s John bought the Technics 1210s that he still has today, and DJed at parties and clubs around London. With other commitments taking priority, it seemed like his DJ days were over by the mid-2000s, and John gave away most of his vinyl. That is until the lockdown of 2020 when he resumed DJing as a creative outlet while stuck at home - adding a Pioneer XDJ-RX2 to his setup and rebuilding his collection. As well as techno, John enjoys playing progressive house and tech-house.

im DJ DEE-VINE 36 funky House/Hed Kandi/Twisted Disco/Garage/and anything Urban Dj... Love music iv been inspired by music ever since i can remember.I started djing when i was about 17 after watching my pals dj.and started my self learning the ropes. I picked it up very quick and started doing tapes (cds wasn't out then) and sending them out to clubs,bars,and radio stations.I started getting feedback after about 1 month and started on a station called impact i was there for about 1year and got my first booking at longship nightclub and soon become the resident there playing underground garage (big thing @ the time). I went on to one of londons biggest underground stations (london underground 89.4fm were all of todays biggest dj's and producers came to be were thay are now people like dj spoony,ez,plus many house hold names. I then got loads of offers for up and comming events.i then moved to a club called rennaissance and was there for 6 years playing underground garage. From there i played residency at pulse playing to 3000+ravers biggest club in herts i was there for 5 years till it changed to liquid and envy playing a lovely 2-step sing along garage. I then went on to work with so big promoters in the game like Slap & tickle,castle club Agia name a few Iv dj'd at loads of 1 off events in london.and still get the crowd jumping with my unique style of mixing and with my HOT selection of Funky/Hed Kandi/garage tunes get any dance floor filled to capacity....

Brett Costello For some time now I have been hearing "There is no quality RnB music out there any more". The Urban Meltdown is here to show that there still is - but you just have to dig that little bit deeper. On this show we will be featuring music you won't hear on commercial stations. I am talking about independent releases, quality underground tunes, and big tracks from the US and UK before they get airplay over here. If you want to keep UPFRONT and INFRONT then the Urban Meltdown will be the place for you to be every Sunday morning from 8am!!!

Started off spinning vinyls with friends in my early teens leading to me setting up the Progressive Culture Studio in Northampton welcoming all DJs from the local area and afar. A few years ago I started to run local nights of all underground genres from Dub, Dubstep, Breaks, Electronica, Bass, UKG, DnB and everything in between. Progressive Culture, headed by DLs, as an organisation runs a youth club in Northamptons Eastern District and is soon to be opening a social club for the community. We like to promote all music from the underground scene and to give air time to individual producers and DJs to keep them jnterested and inspired.

Radio has come a long way since LJamex was on the scene. His path starting from Pressure FM with DJ Huggie, where they would take it in turns to run over to a call box outside Domino’s to take requests every Sat afternoon. Huggie & LJamex would be just one of many doing their own thing namely D&J Promotions. LJamex eventually done a spell with the St.Albans guys Positive Force, Which was a journey of more Club & House parties, along with the guys plus his older brother Matt. So after a break, stepping back, he is now back to his routes and looking forward to playing to the audience once again! LJamex has currently done a spell on Lutons LUR [Luton Urban Radio] playing to those on lockdown, but now feels it’s time to spread his love for music further afield.

Terry ann is in control of the music and playout system on in2beats !

At the young at of 13 I got into Rave just before it turned into Jungle / Happy hardcore. I got my first set of decks in 1994 and started to learn to mix & for the next few years spent my Saturday’s at Black Market Records in soho London buying jungle vinyl & meeting some of the big jungle Djs that made the scene. From there I moved to Eastbourne from Luton in 1997 and got the chance to Dj in some of the clubs playing Jungle / Happy hardcore sets in 1999.

Previously a DJ on In2beats, and may on occasion still appear on cover shows and special occasions.

Previously a DJ on In2beats, and may on occasion still appear on cover shows and special occasions.


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