Equipment for hire Sound & Lighting

Welcome to In2beats equipment and sound hire

In2beats the full range of services ,you can hire small, medium, or large setups

full lighting , and the djs of your choice

When planning for your event  the questions we will ask will be

  • Venue size
  • Event type
  • Music policy
  • Preferred Music Genre
  • How Long Is The Event
  • Estimated Age Rage Of Clients

And more ,The more we ask ,the better we can provide the correct equipment for your event

We provide quick setups for small childrens parties

along with full sound for that “night club sound” experience

Remember  if its loud you can always turn it down !

If its Quite you can not turn it up

And the thing most people remember about an event is ,How good the music is that was played ! and What did the sound system sound like !

When you hire from in2beats you will not be getting a sound system that is to small for your venue , most other event suppliers do this ,this is why they are so competitive in the market ,once they are there it is to late on the night to say “TURN IT UP”


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