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I’m Sapna, you can catch me and my show ‘Midday Mix’ 12-1 pm, followed by ‘Power House’ 1 pm-2 pm, every Tuesday. Where I will be bringing you a banquet of delights and all those juicy flavors from the past, present, and everything in between; followed by strictly deep, soulful, tech, afro, tribal house.

My show consists of good music, good vibes, positivity, and passion. Music is soulful, spiritual, and healing, music is universal it can speak to you without the use of words. It brings people from all walks of life together and it empowers people through dance, expression, creativity, and more.

Music has always been something that is deeply rooted within me, a dream of mine was always to be a DJ and now it is coming to fruition. I purchased second-hand decks from a colleague of mine in July 2022, in October 2022, I joined the In2Beats team, where I 1st started off, on Frenchy’s Breakfast show.

I love having my own show where I can showcase music from my favorite genres, play nostalgic feels, and talk about ideas, topics, and all sorts of engaging content. In2Beats is a great platform to showcase the individuality of the team here. Having full autonomy to structure the show as to how I please is the epitome of ‘Freedom of Speech.’


Broadcasting Live From The UK

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