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Chennell’s musical journey began like many others’. He enjoyed a variety while young in the ‘80s, be it the latest pop on the radio, a vinyl borrowed from a friend or the latest mixtape bootlegging its way around his school. As he grew into the ‘90s and early adulthood, so did his tastes and appreciation of what music could evoke. Ministry of Sound, Camden Palace, Turnmills and many more clubbing weekends at venues locally, across the country and beyond, allowed him to witness for himself the power of music and its importance in bringing people together. “The second I’d hear that 808 kick on Mr Fingers, or those keys in Marshall Jefferson – I KNEW I WAS IN AND HOUSE MUSIC WAS COURSING THROUGH MY VEINS!”

He’s always been a performer at heart, loving to help people have a great time, connecting with his audience and getting that feedback loop going, sustaining that mutual vibe. From way back, when he began mixing at home for his mates, his sound developed and people danced. Wasn’t long before he was invited to DJ at bars, nightclubs, events and radio. Chennell draws inspiration from well know veterans like Danny Tenaglia, Avicii, David Penn, Armand Van Helden, Dennis Ferrer, Mark Knight and many more. While his lived experience keeps the classics close to his heart, his passion drives him to seek out new sounds, other artists’ angles and new methods to express and share himself.

From relatively unknown indie artists to the big names, spanning the sub-genres, if it’s good house, it’s good! So listen in to Chennell, get the new releases, promos, dance floor classics, weekend weapons and your all time favourite dance tunes that have stood the test of time. Why not send him a message, request a tune and a shout out to someone you know who’s going to dance to it with you!?


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