Principle shows

Been in the music industry over 40 years from my 1st reggae sound system where i worked my way up to be a selector. I went on in the early 90s to do my own thing solo dj… Playing variable genres , of which i still do.

I created my own Sound system called Nu Design….that still operates today. i have 2 close friends Mc’s Banton & Rumpus that are part of it..Late 90.s i met Mark Lambert ..Z-Bias & things formed from there as regards to UKG….

I started my 1st venture at his clothes/ music shop on the 2nd floor selling UKG , my own floor. We also created Sidewinder Recordings & started producing ….Also Sidewinder Promotions was created changed to Club Sidewinder .

I went on in 2001 to acquire my own shop ..Sidewinder Records for 9 years .I have performed abroad many times…had a couple of Big tracks etc ..been very fortunate .Been with Beaky ..aka Guv for well over 20 years from pirate to legal.

My show is on Saturdays 6-8 pm…I mainly play various ukg genres …sometimes i collaborate with Apollo & Tristan Brownings for an old skool reggae show & collaborate with Frenchy….French Prince Connection …which hasnt happened for a Lonnnnnng time ..playing Genres ….


Broadcasting Live From The UK

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