Mark Davis

Mark im also known as guv ,i play garage when i have the time to play ,my roles in the station include building maintenance ,IT and networking ,Managing the dj schedule, and anything thats needs fixing , i got into electronics at the age of 10 ,i discovered my love for broadcasting at the age of 12 when i got a cb ,i also have a passion for sound systems and used to help out at the sanctuary when i was 14 setting up the sound ,this is where the 2 passions joined together and i got into radio, from then on it was anything to do with music and radio i did ! ,i ran a record shop with a business partner “ross anthony” for some time and continued to run it when we went our separate ways for a number of years ,i then set up an internet radio station called ,and then launched in2beats fm , i also am self employed in the construction industry and have been doing that for the last 24 years! if you would like to see the history check out the gallery !


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