LJamex shows

Radio has come a long way since LJamex was on the scene.

His path starting from Pressure FM with DJ Huggie, where they would take it in turns to run over to a call box outside Domino’s to take requests every Sat afternoon.
Huggie & LJamex would be just one of many doing their own thing namely D&J Promotions.

LJamex eventually done a spell with the St.Albans guys Positive Force, Which was a journey of more Club & House parties, along with the guys plus his older brother Matt.

So after a break, stepping back, he is now back to his routes and looking forward to playing to the audience once again!

LJamex has currently done a spell on Lutons LUR [Luton Urban Radio] playing to those on lockdown, but now feels it’s time to spread his love for music further afield.


Broadcasting Live From The UK

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