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Drum and bass with Displaced Paranormals

Catch Displaced Paranormals 10pm 12pm bi-weekly thursday night

on In2beats FM playing the latest in Drum & Bass / Neurofunk / Deep Rolling Dnb

Displaced Paranormals
Cutting edge dance collective . Their musical style takes inspiration from the entire spectrum of dance and urban music;

resulting in a signature sound that’s Mistakenly unique. From subtle chill-out tracks to drum ‘n bass anthems,

over 20 years experience our love for music first started
when I heard the sound of Rave, earlier Drum and Bass music. Everything about it captured me, and since then

I’ve gone on to become a DJ producing music and releasing tracks on on some of the
biggest Drum and Bass imprints on the scene. Now owning our own record label we continue to have a hunger for it.

inherited my musical taste from travelling and mixing in different social backgrounds which helped me discover my own influence on music
This resulted in bookings and playing alongside Roni Size and LTJ Bukem. travelled as far as America, Russia and locally we have had residencies in and around Bedford as well as bookings across Europe.

The first record I bought was Mantronix – Music Madness. To date, some of my favourite artists include Goldie, Beastie Boys and in particular the sound of Ed Rush & Optical.in2beats FM because it gave me a platform to showcase our unique music sound and DJ’ing skills.

In the future I hope to attract thousands of listeners and to introduce them to different styles of Drum & Bass sounds.


Broadcasting Live From The UK

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