Jennifer McKenzie

Jennifer McKenzie is an aspiring radio presenter, host of the That Inner Voice podcast, well-being consultant, life coach, and 3 x published author. Jen joined the In2beats team in September 2022.

Music, dancing, writing, and nature have always been my medicine since I was a kid, they are my go-to for stress relief and a mood boost. Nothing better than putting a dirty beat on loud and dancing like no-ones watching.

I speak openly about facing my own challenges to raise awareness for mental health and trauma recovery, I spoke on stage at the recent Wellbeing Expo in Bedford, been featured in The Metro, Authority Magazine, Chat, and Spirit & Destiny to name a few. I believe in using the power of my voice to encourage others to speak up too and not suffer in silence. We are stronger together.

Day to day I own and run Lunar Spirit Wellbeing LTD in Bedfordshire where myself and my team provide talks, workshops, coaching, courses, and retreat days for companies, establishments, and individuals to support mental health and emotional well-being.

I’m a qualified life coach, NLP practitioner, meditation and breath-work facilitator, and sound therapist, and have over 20yrs experience in the health and wellbeing sector. My passion is bringing people together through speaking, music, dancing, and creating inclusive safe communities for us all to be seen and heard.


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