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At the young at of 13 I got into Rave just before it turned into Jungle / Happy Hardcore. I got my first set of decks in 1994 and started to learn to mix & for the next few years spent my Saturday’s at Black Market Records in Soho London buying Jungle vinyl & meeting some of the big jungle DJ’s that made the scene from there. I moved to Eastbourne from Luton in 1997 and got the chance to DJ in some of the clubs playing Jungle / Happy hardcore sets in 1999.

I moved back to Bedford and took a interest in the Trance / Underground Garage scene. I played in bars & pubs nothing in the way of big events due to my main job in the window industry taking a lot of my time. By 2005 I was playing a mix of UK Garage, Speed Garage, Trance & R&B. In 2006 the underground Bassline scene up north started and I took a big Interest in those fast Bassline vibes again. I was still only DJ’ing at little bars & pubs when a chance came up in 2009.

I started getting into music Production. I’ve made a few tunes now, pretty much all remixes & bootlegs, and spend a lot of time putting Acapellas over Instrumentals. I have never released any of my creations, what I make I use for my sets only! Upto date now in 2020, I’m now DJ on In2beats radio and I’m a DJ at Vogue Nightclub in Bedford on the 3rd Floor every Saturday Playing House Music, Bassline & Club Anthems.


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