Torsion was there from the beginning of the Jungle DnB Dance Culture rave scene. Starting his 30 plus years DJ journey in his bedroom with some unknown turntables.

Through out the 90s Torsion wowed fans around the radio scene doing pirate radio stations such as Pressure Fm 101.5, Rude Awakening 104.3, Lur 101.2, Raw Fm 107.9, Mission Fm 106.5, just to name a few. Also done most iconic parties such as Exdous and the Brixton Acadamy.
As music radically changes Torsion is always at the forefront of the fresh new sounds. In the past 10 years can boast being in a very privileged position where his unique musical styles and 21 year fan base and reputation has seen him headline a diverse and exciting mix of the best underground parties around the Uk.

Listen to Torsion Each and Every Saturday Night on Bedfords Mighty In2beats 106.5 Fm between the hours of 2200-0000 GMT.

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